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The Boca Raton food and juice bar haven for hungry patrons with healthy habits.


Juice & Java Cafe and Fresh Kitchen restaurants have united as one under a new name… J&J FRESH KITCHEN.
We’re excited to bring to you the same fresh, healthy selections and quality under the new brand. SAME FAMILY OWNERS, SAME FRESH FOOD!


We know a healthy body doesn’t mean much without a healthy world to live in. That’s why at J&J Fresh Kitchen, we make sure that all our products make an impact that will enhance your life and the planet€™s. From our locally sourced produce partners to our low impact kitchen, we make our food and juices committed to the belief that wellness is about more than just personal health€” it extends to the entire world around us, too.

In a world riddled with restaurants offering fake, fried, and frozen foods, we deliver solace in the form of nourishing, nutritious fare. Committed to using only the freshest ingredients, we showcase Mother Nature’s offerings in their most delicious state, never degrading the quality by employing artificial flavors and added sugars. KEEP IT FRESH!


We are defined by the amount of effort we apply to curating our made to order menu. J&J Fresh Kitchen was built upon a wealth of expertise and conscientious principals. Our commitment to health extends far deeper than just the stomach. We utilize products that not only delight your palate, but also benefit the planet through sustainable practices. From our locally sourced produce partners to our low impact kitchen, we promote wellness for your personal welfare, and for that of the world.

Our creations cater to a variety of dietary restrictions and lifestyles. While you can choose to chow down on meat proteins, we also provide a range of gluten-free and plant-based options – awarding us a reputation as one of the top vegetarian restaurants Boca Raton is host to. If it’s a liquid elixir you seek, you’ll be captivated by J&J Fresh Kitchen’s range of natural, wholesome juices and smoothies to satiate your health’s requirements without sacrificing taste. Our wide assortment and promise for providing the highest quality ingredients asserts us a supreme Boca Raton juice bar that ensures satisfaction.
With three convenient locations, J&J Fresh Kitchen serves as the ultimate Boca Raton food destination and healthy hub, providing what your body craves and requires. If you’re in search of vegetarian restaurants in Boca Raton, a juice bar Boca Raton locals rave over, or a dining experience that doesn’t compromise a thoughtful diet, we invite you to join us in our journey for delicious health made simple. Whether you’re after a hearty meal, a light lunch, a takeaway fix, a cleansing kick, recovery, energy, or anything in between, we are equipped to serve up the scrumptious solution!

Come visit one of our Boca Raton restaurant locations today for some fresh food fare.



When you seek out juice bars, healthy eating, or vegetarian restaurants Boca Raton has to offer, you may encounter excessive ‘green washing’, where restaurateurs profit from projecting a healthy image without prioritizing conscious business conduct. Contrary to this common absence of effort, J&J Fresh Kitchen was fundamentally founded upon revolutionary sustainability principals.

Just five years ago, Jordan Levinson was severely overweight, suffering from high cholesterol, gout, and other obesity related ailments. He saw the documentary “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead” and found himself identifying with the story. He realized then that was critical that he drastically change his habits. He asked the then—owner of Boca Raton’s Juice and Java Cafe to provide juice for him during 33 day cleanse, resulting in a 22 pound weight loss and later another 50 pound loss. His success and newly discovered passion for healthy eating inspired Levinson and his wife to purchase Juice and Java Boca Raton, and then to later open the J&J Fresh Kitchen, utilizing the same effective production model that proved instrumental in Levinson’s journey to improve his well being. Dedicated to preserving the natural flavors and benefits of the ingredients, Levinson describes the menu as “Truth in Menu,” featuring clean ingredients, clear choices, low sodium, and no use of artificial additives.

At J&J Fresh Kitchen, we believe that excellent eats begin with the finest foods, and our relationships with local Boca Raton food and produce providers allow us to achieve this high standard of cuisine to serve a variety of dietary habits. J&J Fresh Kitchen’s food philosophy and practices are critical pillars in its mindful foundation, present since inception. Our pledge to limit environmental detriment is also maintained in our kitchen policies. Outfitted with low—touch and minimal—impact machinery, our equipment is designed to produce no grease, restrict emissions, and ensure the food is prepared using methods that do not damage or diminish the health benefits. Our motive is to enhance the lives of our patrons as well as the planet here at one of our most unique Boca Raton restaurants.


Patrons are addicted to J&J Fresh Kitchen’s range of juices. Prepared with 100% fresh, locally sourced fruits and veggies with no syrups, sugars, or additives, experience, the juice bar Boca Raton locals love delivers the highest quality nutrients and the top taste. Whether you’re on a multiday juice cleanse, simply kickstarting your busy day, trying to beat off pesky cold symptoms, in search of a hangover remedy, or getting your daily dose of vital greens, J&J Fresh Kitchen’s expertly crafted concoctions have you covered. Because of our commitment to consistently providing the most excellent and beneficial juice options, you can be certain that with every delicious sip, you are feeding your body the wellness it requires and deserves.

It’s no secret that juicing has become wildly popular in the last few years, and the trend has stuck around for good reason. Through juicing, it is much easier to meet your daily consumption quota of fruit and vegetables, to get the best nutritional value out of ingredients, decrease the level of toxins in the body, and allows for a variety of critical vitamins and antioxidants to be easily absorbed. The individual benefits of juices depends on the specific combination of vegetables and fruits, but can have a stellar impact in boosting energy levels, digestion, immunity, regulating sleep patterns, reducing stress, clearing skin, and so much more!

The health benefits of juicing also include a wider capacity to lose and maintain a healthy weight, something our founder Jordan Levinson knows from experience. Establishing his goals, Levinson consulted health food hotspot Juice and Java Boca Raton. With their assistance, he planned his strict 33 day juice cleanse, in which time he dropped the first 22 pounds of his weight loss journey. Inspired by his own success, Levinson and his wife purchased Juice and Java Boca Raton, and later founded the J&J Fresh Kitchen sister stores to expand reach, offering citizens of Boca Raton increased access to the replenishing elixirs.

Unlike competing vegetarian restaurants Boca Raton is home to, our juices are much more than just an afterthought on our menu. We are committed to producing and pioneering healthful blends to help you in achieving your weight loss or wellness goals. Come on in for the best juice bar Boca Raton offers and begin your journey toward a healthier you!


The relationship we have with our suppliers is one of the most important pillars in J&J Fresh Kitchen’s foundation. In order to deliver the highest caliber quality ingredients to enhance the nutrition value on your plate, we work with the best Boca Raton food suppliers, as well as the top suppliers in the nation. Our suppliers share a vision with us, a vision of a more sustainable, nourishing food culture that is beneficial to both the patron and the planet.

After being diagnosed with celiac disease as an adult, Karen Freer was forced to expel gluten from her diet. During the first few months of changing her diet to cater to her disease, she found that the only thing she really missed was bread — hearty, crusty, seedy, toothy bread. This was the catalyst for her wave of experimentation. Her mission was a achieve the feat that was popularly known as an impossibility — crafting gluten-free with the same texture, taste, look, and feel as the delicious original. Her efforts were not in vain, as Freer went on to introduce some of the most sensational gluten-free bread varieties to the market. Gluten-free diners and gluten lovers both enjoy her creations equally.

The team at Harmless Harvest envisions a world where nutritious, clean, organic, and healthy food and beverages are the standard rather than the exception. At Fresh Kitchen, we couldn’t agree more with this concept. Founders Justin Guilbert and Douglas Riboud ventured away from corporate lives and toward creating a fair trade, green method for producing, packing, and delivering coconut water-based drinks. Their velvety-smooth finished product is sustainably produced and pressure-pasteurized, meaning it is never heated. The result? It couldn’t taste fresher if you had plucked the coconut off the tree yourself.

While J&J Fresh Kitchen has a reputation as one of the best vegetarian restaurants Boca Raton has to offer, we do also provide some meat-based dishes that promise the top quality fare on the market. Our partners at Harvestland Chicken are committed to raising chickens sans antibiotics of any kind, at any time. Ahead of the market, their promise to ditch the drugs started in 2002, when other brands weren’t even considering improving their practices.


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